Parity in the NFC?

Parity in the NFC?  Or is it just mediocrity?  Or is the conference just plain brutal? Every season fans/experts all over the country can list at least five teams that have a chance of winning the single greatest sporting event in the world, the Super Bowl.  This season has been no different.  At the end of August, following eight weeks of Sports Broadcasting Camps, I was surfing through the many sports pages on line and watching hours and hours of sports reporting on the dish to find out which of the 32 NFL teams will hoist the coveted Lombardi trophy on February 6th in Dallas.
All I heard or read about representing the NFC were the Cowboys, who would become the first team to play in a Super Bowl on their home turf.  The Vikings, on the strength of a 69 year old QB named Brett Favre who would comeback after throwing away the NFC Title game last year.  The Saints, riding momentum from last year’s upset Super Bowl win over Indy and become the first back-to-back champs since the Patriots in 2004.  The Packers, with MVP candidate Aaron Rogers could make a title push for the first time since the Favre era.  And the upset special was the Mike Singletary led San Francisco 49ers who play in the worst division in the history of the NFL.
Well, it turns out that the former players who call themselves experts on TV were as close of predicting a Super Winner as the Chicago Cubs winning a World Series.  The Cowboys are in dead last in the NFC East, do not have a home win, and have lost starting quarterback Tony Romo for at least 2 months, if not the season.  The Vikings sit in third place in the NFC North and Favre is playing on one leg and is being investigated by the NFL for off the field conduct.  The Saints are 4-3 but just lost to the Cleveland Browns at home by 20 and host the Steelers this weekend.  The Packers are tied with the Bears in first place in the NFC North but have had major injuries to their two top tight ends and their best defensive player Clay Matthews.  And finally we have the 49ers.  What makes people think this franchise is on the way up?  Mike Singletary is one of my favorite players of all-time but even his hall of fame credentials can not pull this team together.  The Niners sit with just one win this season and are coming off a horrific loss to the Carolina Panthers. They have not had a QB since Jeff Garcia and now are counting on former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith to resurrect this team.  It’s a good thing the 49ers/Broncos game is being played in London.
This season has been full of surprises in the NFC and we are just about half way through the 2010 campaign.  I’m sure the so called experts had all along the best team in the NFC through seven weeks would be the New York Giants.  Now the real question, are the Giants for real? is it parity? mediocrity? or is the NFL, particularly the NFC, just plain brutal?

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