Which QB would you pick

While watching the end of the Eagles/Colts game on Sunday, Peyton Manning stepped under center with a chance to drive his team down the field in the final minute for the Win.

This got me thinking…If you could pick any QB (past or current) for one drive in the final minute of the Super Bowl, who would you choose?

PS…Peyton didn’t get the job done Sunday

7 Responses to “Which QB would you pick”

  1. Tyler says:

    Tim Tebow!

  2. Ryan Smith says:

    Easily Joe Montana, guys. The man proved it time and time again, could run for a few yards if need be, made legends of John Taylor and Dwight Clark. I believe he had ZERO career Super Bowl INTs as well.

  3. Arthur Bailin says:

    Brett Favre. Through all of his troubles he is still a great quarterback, especially with pressure on him.

  4. Sean O'Hearon says:

    Tom Brady. A 2 minute game becomes a 7 minute game with Brady at the helm. Most of his comebacks occurred pre-Moss/Welker as well, when his receiving corps was mediocre at best.