Put Your Skills to the Test

Time to put your skills to the test and show us just how much you learned at camp.

This Thursday, at 8:20pm, the Houston Texans play the Philadelphia Eagles. And this Sunday is the usual NFL Schedule. What I want you to do is choose one game, and do the pre-game and post-game analysis where you answer the following questions.

Pre Game:

Who do you think is going to win?

Why do you think that team is going to win? (At least one positive reason about them, at least one negative reason about the other team)

What factor on each team could end up surprising you?

The weather, home field, recent drama between players or coaches, injuries, etc.

Post Game:

Were you correct in your predictions?

If so, what specifically happened that you said would happen with either team?

If not, what specifically surprised you with either team?

What were the 3 best plays of the game?

What were the 3 most disappointing plays of the game?

What plays are going to most affect either team next week?

Were there any calls that the referees made that disappointed you?

Write it up, record it, or send us a video and we will post a few of them on our site. We are always looking for great content made by our campers, so any chance we get is a great opportunity.

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