The Rules of Broadcasting: Continued!

Now, we return to our series of posts about the rules every broadcaster must follow for success. Today’s lesson: PREPARATION.

This is the big one. If you come into a game/show/broadcast unprepared, even if you’ve got the talent of a Vin Scully or a Harry Kalas, you’ll be lost very quickly. Knowing the players’ histories, the rules of the game, and the team backgrounds and standings help create seamless coverage. Preparation is what makes the best broadcasters the best: Costas, Tirico, Scully, Marv Albert and Mike Emrick take immense amounts of time to work on their craft, and to be prepared.

Thanks to Hickory Crawdads broadcaster Ben Gellman-Chomsky (of the South Atlantic League – class A baseball) for his contribution to these tips and tricks! Got your own? Leave them in the comments!

One Response to “The Rules of Broadcasting: Continued!”

  1. Brandon Hu says:

    I got Vin Scully skills but still I need preparation.