Swapping Acronyms: CSN to be Renamed NBC?

Sports Media Watch, The Daily News, and others have all reported recently that Comcast’s  local sports channels, Comcast Sports Network, or CSN, (based around the country,) will be renamed NBC Sports come summer. Mergers, transitions, buyouts, and rebrandings are common in the media world, but what effect do they have on the fans? Do you think that the name change will cause confusion, and will CSN devotees feel a loss? Weigh in!

One Response to “Swapping Acronyms: CSN to be Renamed NBC?”

  1. Jordan Kuhns says:

    It’s interesting news, to say the least. I thought it was weird that the Comcast Sportsnet affiliates as a whole completely changed their graphics and whatnot this year. Seems like a completely wasted effort to change everything around only to be rebranded and likely change everything around again.

    I get the feeling the network is going to feel bigger than it actually is with the “NBC” tag. Fans may have high expectations with the NBC tag, and they may be disappointed.