Great Broadcasters Throughout History Part 2: Vin Scully!

62 seasons and counting, the record for the longest time spent broadcasting
for a single team belongs to none other than Vincent “Vin” Scully. After more than
half a century spent with his team, Scully has earned himself the nickname “The
voice of the Dodgers”.
Growing up in Bronx, New York in 1927, Vin Scully was raised to be a Giants
fan. He attended Fordham University where he was able to try his hand at
broadcasting. He was the voice of his college baseball games and eventually landed a
job with the then Brooklyn Dodgers. Little did he know he was embarking on a
lifetime journey with his hometown rivals.
Career highlights include broadcasting Sandy Koufax’s perfect game, Hank
Aaron’s 715th career homerun and the 1955 World Series victory for the Dodgers.
When the team moved to Los Angeles in 1957, Scully followed happily. His wife
continued to encourage him the whole way, telling him “If you love it, do it”. At an
impressive 83 years old, Scully continues to do what he loves.
Inducted to the Radio Hall of fame in 1995, Vin Scully now proudly holds the
title of “the voice of the world series” for CBS radio and has embarked on his 62
season with the Dodgers this year.

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