Do You Know Sports?

We know you love sports. But how much do you really know about sports? If all those Stump the Schwab sessions are any indication, you could use a brush up! Prove your knowledge to all your fellow campers, even if you don’t already have a blog of your own.

Each week, we’ll be posing a sports question, leaving it up to you to decide the answer. E-mail with your response, and the best responses will be posted publicly on our site at the end of the week. Our first question will be baseball-related. If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, NFL, NHL and NBA questions are in the works.

This week, we’ll start with an easy one – “Who are the top 3 shortstops in baseball today?”

Now, keep in mind there are no wrong answers. So you think Derek Jeter is one of the top 3 – ok, substantiate! Prove it to us. Is he a good hitter? Does he have an unbelievable fielding percentage and a cannon for an arm? Is he speedy? How speedy is he?

Don’t just list three shortstops, craft a post that shows you know what you’re talking about. This is your chance to have your writing published. Use this awesome thing called the Internet and prove what you feel about your favorite players.

(note – extra points if you can figure out who the shortstop pictured is…)

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