Camper Blog: Jordan

Our newest Featured Camper Blog of the Week is: Jordan. He has not one, but two blogs dedicated to Atlanta basketball. With many news pieces, and a recent interview with former Hawk Mario West, there is plenty of reason to read his blogs. Here’s hoping the lockout ends so Jordan can have plenty to write about!
Writer Bio:
I began blogging a couple of years ago on a Hawks blog that is no longer online.  The blog didn’t work out so well, so I went on a hiatus from blogging.  Then, when my church league basketball team’s season began (Winter 2010-11), I was in charge of writing the team blog. After my team’s season, as the NBA playoffs were starting this year, I started up a new Hawks blog at  Right before the WNBA season began for 2011, I started up a Dream blog at  I update my blogs with a preview before each game and a recap following each game.  Any news that breaks about either team I also cover.  I am very loyal to both the Hawks and the Dream and I love blogging!

My Life, My Court, My Game!

Jordan Valdés

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