Jeremy Lin sends sports media into a frenzy

Here it is. The obligatory Jeremy Lin post. The post I have put off writing for five Knicks games. Five games of stellar performances by Jeremy Lin, and a bevy of media coverage. ESPN is loving this guy more than the Denver golden child, Tim Tebow. You can’t get away from him. Even hockey fans that hate basketball know all about him (sorry hockey fans).

Mark Zuckerberg drives to the hoop. He de-friended Matt Barnes on Facebook after this hard foul.

Why? Because it is the perfect storm. He’s the first Asian-American NBA star, which boxer Floyd Mayweather thinks is the only reason he’s getting publicity. Enough has been said about race playing an issue – it is significant but there are other factors in play here.

He plays in New York, the largest media market in the world and a city starved for a championship. Oh, wait, the Giants just won one a few minutes ago. And even that got overshadowed by Linsanity, Linomenon, VaLintine’s Day or whatever other word you want to shove Lin into.

He is the first Harvard basketball player to have any NBA success since players stopped wearing short shorts.

Oh and until two weeks ago, he seemed as likely as Mark Zuckerberg to be the next NBA star. So the pandemonium may be warranted. I still didn’t want to jump the bandwagon.

And then, there was Lin’s sixth game. That game last night against the Raptors was unbelievable. Unbelievable that the guy was able to somehow, someway, help bring his team back despite coughing up the ball 9 times. When he hit that ice cold three pointer with .005 seconds, I knew that was it.

I’m on the bandwagon. At least until they lose to the Sacramento Kings tonight.

What do you think?

Is Lin here to stay? Will all these turnovers catch up to him? Is this coverage really all about race? And will they ever make a Social Network 2? So many questions. Only time will tell.

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