What are the ages for the camp?

Boys and girls age 10-18.  Generally, half the kids are 10-14 and half 15-18 at each camp.  We will make exceptions to the age range if necessary

When does camp begin and end?

For day campers, camp begins at 9am on Monday. Overnight campers can arrive either Sunday night or Monday morning. If arriving Sunday, you can arrive anytime after 7pm at the dorm. Any overnight kids arriving Monday morning should report straight to our meeting room by 9am with all your bags. We will check you into the dorm after camp on Monday. Camp ends at 3pm on Friday. Pick up location for everyone is at our meeting room, not the dorms.

I registered but haven’t received any information. When will I receive camp info?

If you register online, you will receive an automated response as soon as you register titled “Thank you for registering for camp”. We will then email you either a receipt or invoice depending on if you paid in full. We will do the same if you mail in your registration. After that, we will email the camp FAQ in May. If for some reason you don’t have the FAQ, please check your SPAM or email info@playbyplaycamps.com and we will resend. Our camp FAQ email will answer all of your questions including where to go, what to bring, camp times, etc. We will also email a camp schedule 1 week prior to camp.

I have a girl who is interested in going to camp. Would this be a good experience for her?

This is the best time ever for girls to go to SBC! One out of three jobs in the field are going to women. The number of girls varies every year in each city but we have had anywhere from 1 to 11 girls at each camp.  We always have female counselors and are female friendly camps.

Will I be with 10 year olds all day?

No. We divide the groups up during interactive activities and TV Studio days. When speakers come to the camp, the camp is all together.

Do you provide transportation for day campers?

No. We will provide a list of other campers coming from you area and you can try to make car pool arrangements.

If my child is coming for the overnight camp, how do they get from the airport to the camp?

We will provide pick up and drop off for overnight campers who DO NOT have to fly unaccompanied minor. We CAN NOT pick up or drop off unaccompanied minors at the airport. Make sure whichever airline you choose your child can fly alone without any restrictions.

How do you get to all camp field trips?

When going on trips, we rent big yellow school buses.

Does my child need to bring anything to camp?

Please bring a Pen, Notepad, and a hand held recording device.  Some campers use a digital recorder, some use cell phones, and others bring a recorder with cassette tape. These recorders can be purchased at Staples, Office Max, etc. for around $25. Many campers do like to bring cameras to take pictures with our celebrity guests. We do provide lunch and snacks but if your camper has special dietary restrictions we recommend bringing your own. Lunches usually consist of pizza, burgers, chicken sandwiches or tenders, pasta, etc.

Is a 17-18 year old too old to be in this camp?

Absolutely not. We generally break up in groups 10-12, 13-14, and 15-18. We have had many high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have benefited by making professional contacts with our celebrity speakers and receiving an opportunity to work with us in our on-air projects during the school years. We have helped land internships for many of our older campers. Many of our former campers since 2002 are working professionally today.

Is one camp different than another? Can my child go to multiple camps or attend the same camp again next summer?

All camps share common components but field trips and speakers are unique. We are also constantly updating camp activities. We have had many campers who have enjoyed excellent yet different experiences in different cities. We have had many campers come to multiple camps during a summer in different cities as well as attend the same city 3 or 4 years in a row.

Is there a dress code?

No. Normal teenage attire (shorts, t-shirts, caps, etc.)

Do we miss out by not going to the overnight session?

You will not miss any broadcasting elements of camp. You only miss out on the fun camp bonding experience that the campers enjoy immensely, not to mention our amazing overnight camp wiffle ball and basketball games. We also try and go to a game at night if a professional or minor league team is in town.